Hempcrete Tiny Builds

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 innovative uses for hempcrete

Hempcrete walls for homes is definitely the way forward, resulting in energy efficient structures made of CO2 sequestering hemp fiber and minerals.
However, we don’t expect that hempcrete blocks will be accepted by the construction industry for some time, (in France, even after hempcrete blocks have been available for twenty years, the French mainstream construction industry still does not embrace hempcrete).
Hempcrete walls are for early adopting energy efficiency champions and fans of hemp. We don’t expect that homeowners will suddenly demand to have the walls of their homes built from hempcrete – especially when they have never even seen a hempcrete wall system. Therefore, by making Hempcrete Tiny Builds available, people will have the opportunity to experience the superior building envelope that hempcrete provides.
We propose small detached structures (under 10 square metres) that you may place in your backyard without any permit requirements within cities or MDs. Make this your workshop, yoga studio, art studio, playhouse, whatever you want – and experience the hempcrete advantage. These Hempcrete Tiny Builds will be warm, quiet, and functional. We can build a small structure to your custom design, deliver it by flatbed truck and have it set onto it’s leveled site with a crane. Total cost with delivery is expected to start at $10,000 for a no-frills version.
If this is interesting to you then please call or email us to discuss what you would like built